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Getting It All Together – What Paperwork Do You Need for Tax Season?

Posted on:  December 19th, 2014
By:  Diane Morrison

Tax season is right around the corner. Ideally, we should all be keeping detailed records throughout the year and neatly filing every statement and receipt. Sigh. (Note to self – set up a record keeping and filing system for 2015.) So pull out that box or file of receipts and lets get started. Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison December 19, 2014

Do You Have a Will? Do You Even Need One?

Posted on:  December 11th, 2014
By:  Diane Morrison

First of all, let’s answer that second question with a resounding yes.  Everyone needs a will.  Even if you have no assets at all, you need a will.  Consider what might happen should you die intestate (without a will) in a catastrophic accident that results in a lawsuit.  If that lawsuit resul Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison December 11, 2014

Are Taxes For the Top 1% of Taxpayers Too Low? Too high?

Posted on:  December 4th, 2014
By:  Diane Morrison

If you were to stop ten people on the street and ask them if they pay enough in taxes, you would probably get ten yesses.  But when the question changes to taxes paid by other people, perception can be somewhat skewed.  Ask anyone if the top 1% of earners pay enough taxes and most people will say Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison December 4, 2014