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Indexes – What Do They Mean For Me and My Investments?

Posted on:  October 22nd, 2015
By:  Diane Morrison

You’ve probably heard the term “index” many times in reference to the stock market.  But what are they?  How are they determined?  How do they affect me and how can I use them?  For an in-depth understanding, go to school and get an MBA.  For the Reader’s Digest version, read on for a q Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison October 22, 2015

The Four Legal Documents that Every Adult Must Have

Posted on:  October 1st, 2015
By:  Diane Morrison

Adulthood. It’s a long-awaited and mythical state when you’re young. Some people may believe it begins on your 18th birthday, while others might think it doesn’t begin until you have children or buy a house. The outlines of that particular state – adulthood – remain rather nebulous; but wh Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison October 1, 2015