Bookkeeping Services

In working with CMC and outsourcing most of your daily accounting functions, you will lower your costs and improve the quality of your financial reporting. Our bookkeeping services include managing accounts payable, credit card reconciliations, payroll processing, and monthly reconciliations. Imagine being able to close out each month within days and having a clear picture of your financial well-being.

Most of us already pay our personal bills online – so why not consider online bookkeeping services for your business? Migrating to an online system improves efficiency, streamlines record keeping, enables anytime/anywhere access 24/7, and reduces the time it takes to complete accounts payable transactions from start to finish.

The Key Components To a Sound Financial Bookkeeping Services System include:

  • Reporting and Accountability – Most small- to medium-sized businesses don’t have adequate internal controls. By outsourcing some of your financial transaction processing and reporting, such as online bookkeeping services or online accounts payable processing, you add an extra layer of security to your business information. We ensure that no one person will have total control over the entire system. Utilizing the latest technology with the system we have designed enables us to consolidate information and provide a comprehensive report so that you can have access to the big picture – as well as to all of the details if you choose.
  • Checks and Balances – Our role at CMC is to keep you informed and prospering by streamlining your accounts payable and bookkeeping systems, whether it’s online or not. We do this by establishing specific procedures and protocols for managing your bill payment process and for protecting your privacy. We use technology wherever it’s appropriate. If you choose, we can manage the bill payment procedure completely paperless – with a rigorous process that enables you or someone you appoint to approve all bills – and we take it from there to ensure that you NEVER miss a deadline or incur any penalties. You will also have a much clearer picture of your business’ cash flow as your business year progresses.


To discuss Online Bookkeeping Services or Accounts Payable solutions for your company, call us today at (510) 891-9000.