Cash Management and Business Consulting

Our Business Cash Management and Business Consulting services are built to help support our clients manage their complex financial needs. We work with both your internal and external teams to integrate your strategies into an understandable, comprehensive system. We can be your Accounting Department to handle most day-to-day accounting transactions or provide oversight for your existing team as your outsourced CFO. In fact, our services are scalable to your needs and can change as your business grows and evolves.

Why Consider our Business Financial Services?

  1. Your Time Is Valuable – You might consider these Business Cash Management and Business Consulting services if you don’t have enough time to devote to managing your business’s finances as you would like. After all, proficient cash management takes time, skill and attention to detail. By working with CMC to keep your financial house in order, you’ll be able to spend more time working on developing your business, on exploring new opportunities, on working with customers, or better yet, on actually working fewer hours. Working with CMC will give you the time to focus on what you do best – and in many cases, reduce your overhead in the Accounting area.
  2. You Can Get All Your Advisors on The Same Page – With our Business Financial Services, one objective is to bring all your advisors together so that everyone can work towards the same goal. We can benchmark your results against a financial model to measure your success. We will ensure that no one advisor continues to work in a vacuum, but will work cohesively with you towards the goals you set in your financial model. It will also spare you from cumbersome redundancy because it becomes our responsibility to ensure communication among your advisors. You decide on whom you want on the bus, you set the direction; we then steer the team, and keep all interested parties informed of the progress with every detail of Business Cash Management.
  3. You Get Informed About Changing Tax Rules – Over the last year, we have seen a complex system get even more complex with changes to the tax code, a rebounding real estate market, financial regulatory reform, and health care reform. The only thing that we can predict with 100% certainty in the future is that things will continue to get more complex at an ever- increasing rate of change, that partisanship in Washington DC is here to stay, and that there is no end in sight to the changes that will be occurring. Our Business Financial Services –– especially Business Cash Management and Business Consulting –– will allow you to leverage the professional expertise you need to stay on top of all of these changes.
  4. You Get Peace of Mind – Trust us to become your business’s CFO. Enough said.

At CMC, we know from decades of combined experience that Business Cash Management services and a robust financial reporting system should include transaction processing, cash flow planning, budget preparation, payroll management, customized key performance indicators, and compiled financial statements.

To discuss Business Cash Management solutions for your company, call us today at (510) 891-9000.