Tax Planning and Preparation

At CMC, we strongly believe that comprehensive tax strategies are the key to your company’s success. That’s why CMC provides both business tax planning and tax preparation services for small- to medium- sized companies – including corporations, LLCs, sole proprietors and partnerships.

Our accounting team has a strong background with business tax planning to proactively help you take advantage of credits, plan properly for transitions within your business, and stay on top of an ever-increasingly complex tax code. As a privately owned, family-run accounting firm, we fully realize that different businesses have very different needs. For example, if you are considering any of the following circumstances, it would be a good time to contact CMC:

  • Are you planning on selling all or a portion of your business? If so, how will the possible capital gains tax affect you as an individual or your business?
  • How will bringing in a new owner affect your taxes?
  • What about that large piece of equipment you need to purchase – how will that alter your business’s income tax bracket?


These are just a sampling of the types of questions we can work through to ensure that you understand the impact of your decisions before you take action.

Of course, one of the keys to proper business tax planning from a company’s perspective is coordinating what is happening at the business level with the owners, key employees, and related entities. From discussions on capitals gain tax and payroll tax issues, to income tax brackets and 401(k) plans , we have compiled over a century of collective experience in working with family-run businesses, so the team at CMC has perfected this simultaneous coordination to offer you the best level of services.

Another component of business tax planning is offering our clients a worry-free secure business portal – enabling you to access your tax returns and pertinent documentation 24/7 from anywhere you have Internet access. This allows you to securely share documents in real-time with your team – and with ours.

We work with a wide variety of California-based entities for business tax planning, including professional services companies, healthcare providers, real estate firms, manufacturing concerns, and retail stores. Contact us today at (510) 891-9000 to see how we can work with you.