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We’re Half Way There – Time for a Mid-Year Review

Posted on:  July 2nd, 2015
By:  Diane Morrison

Believe it or not, another year is half-way over – that was quick! Scientific experiments have shown that our ability to gauge the passing of time alters as we age – time actually does fly as you get older! So on that note, the mature thing to do is to take a mid-year review of our finances, do Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison July 2, 2015

The Dirty Dozen – Part Deux

Posted on:  June 25th, 2015
By:  Diane Morrison

Last week we looked at the first half of the Dirty Dozen for 2015, a list of the most pervasive tax scams of the day assembled each year by the IRS. (If you missed the first half check it out here, The Dirty Dozen – Part One.) While the top six scams are mostly inflicted upon unsuspecting taxpayer Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison June 25, 2015

The Dirty Dozen – Part One

Posted on:  June 18th, 2015
By:  Diane Morrison

Every year the IRS puts together a list of the most pervasive tax scams of the day. While a good number of these scams are perpetrated by con-artists who target unwary taxpayers, some of these are actually carried out by dishonest taxpayers themselves or even by unscrupulous (or phony) tax preparers Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison June 18, 2015

Getting Married? Tax Tips for Newlyweds

Posted on:  June 11th, 2015
By:  Diane Morrison

It’s June and you know what that means… weddings. And weddings mean romance. And ceremony. And optimistic promises. And new outfits. And shopping for new outfits (and shoes!)….
But I digress. Staying on point, getting married means planning not only flowers and table settings, but also two mer Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison June 11, 2015

Saving for College – Is a 529 Plan Right for You?

Posted on:  May 28th, 2015
By:  Diane Morrison

Ask any financial advisor, and they will tell you, if you must make a choice between the two, fund your own retirement before you fund your child’s future education.  Think about it – your child will have many more options to find money for college than you will to find money during your golden Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison May 28, 2015

Beware! Scams Targeting Seniors are Everywhere

Posted on:  May 21st, 2015
By:  Diane Morrison

The telephone is a lifeline for many seniors, especially if they no longer drive or are disabled by health problems.  Unfortunately, the telephone is also a prime method for criminals to virtually enter their homes and steal their money.  The popularly accepted myth is that seniors are lonely and Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison May 21, 2015

Whew! Tax Season is Over – a Recap

Posted on:  April 30th, 2015
By:  Diane Morrison

Whew!  Another tax season is behind us, but after a week, we are still breathing hard.  This one was like no other in recent memory.  There were many reasons as to why, but those reasons all came together to produce the “perfect storm” this year.
First, we have the Affordable Care Act – thi Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison April 30, 2015

Will You Be Audited? What Are the Chances?

Posted on:  April 16th, 2015
By:  Diane Morrison

“Worried about an IRS audit? Avoid what’s called a ‘red flag’. That’s something the IRS looks for. For example, say you have some money left in your bank account after paying taxes. That’s a red flag.” – Jay Leno
All jokes aside, there is probably no scarier word in the English l Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison April 16, 2015

Biography of a Tax Return – An Epic Story of Love, Hate and Adventure

Posted on:  February 12th, 2015
By:  Diane Morrison

Your tax return.  Whether you obsess about it, or ignore it until the last minute, virtually everyone participates in the ritual that takes place each year between January 16 and April 15.  Love it or hate it, it has to get done.  First, there’s the anxious wait for the necessary documents &#82 Read More

Last Updated by Diane Morrison February 12, 2015

Household Employee Regulations – Are You In Compliance?

Posted on:  February 5th, 2015
By:  Sheryl Magbitang

Do you employ household help?  With tax laws constantly changing, now is a good time to review the regulations that apply to household employees. By definition, the IRS considers you a household employer when any individual whom you pay for services performed in or around your home is directly unde Read More

Last Updated by Sheryl Magbitang February 5, 2015