Estate Planning

If you’ve been thinking about estate planning services, our experience shows that one of the most thoughtful gifts you can ever offer to your family and loved ones is a well-designed, well-executed estate plan, including how to minimize a possible inheritance tax for the next generation of family members.

Rely on Our Trusted, Expert Estate Planning Services.
At CMC, once we put our estate planning information in motion, we rely on trusted, expert estate planning attorneys within our circle of influence to handle all the legalities. We know that a good plan is not something you create once and put on the shelf. To succeed, any estate planning services needs an occasional head-to-toe makeover, much like a haircut, manicure, pedicure, new dress and matching shoes. There are various pieces that comprise the whole estate plan and they have to work in conjunction to be effective.

We Combine Wealth Preservation, Succession Planning And More.
Estate planning information services combines several components, including wealth preservation, distribution strategies, succession planning and philanthropic considerations. We can advise you about inheritance tax and other possible tax issues, leveraging our experience with others to be a sounding board on these important decisions.

Be Prepared for Changes in Inheritance Tax Rules.
The inheritance tax rules have changed frequently over the last few years and may change again in the near future. That fact, coupled with life events, makes it imperative that you stay informed on the issue. For example, one of the basic estate planning services we provide during the preparation of your annual tax returns is reviewing your documents to make sure your assets are titled properly. Often, when you refinance a piece of property or you open a new bank account, these small details can be missed. If that goes un-noticed it can cause a significant amount of work and unintended consequences upon your passing.