Financial Planning

If you consider yourself and/or your partner as high net worth individuals, working with a qualified personal financial planning professional who understands your goals, knows your objectives, helps you maintain your resources and recognizes how to minimize capital gains tax is a mandatory component for any financial toolbox. Like any home improvement project – if you don’t have the right tools, the project will never turn out the way you envision it.  Your financial planning tool box should include both your investment advisor and tax advisor working together to help you achieve your goals. The investment advisor will give you specific advice on where to invest your money. CMC will then help bring clarity to how everything fits together – your investment portfolio, retirement accounts, social security, real estate and the family business.

The Challenges of High Net Worth Individuals.
With over 125 years of combined personal financial planning expertise, your team at CMC is that trusted advisor with whom you can rely. High net worth individuals can sometimes find financial planning a challenge. If you’re one of these people, you typically have multiple investment accounts, bank accounts, real estate holdings, a family trust and/or perhaps a family business to run. In many cases, you may not have the big picture of how all these assets can work together. For additional information on how CMC can help you with personal cash management, visit that section of this website.

Baby Boomers & Gen Xers May Inherit Substantial Wealth.
In the next 10 to 15 years, CMC realizes that tens of millions of Baby Boomers and Generation X individuals may inherit substantial wealth from their parents. Many people – specifically those in the San Francisco Bay Area – may not be high net worth individuals just yet, but they will join that inner circle instantly when they sell their business or inherit a family member’s estate, providing they don’t have to pay substantial estate taxes.

CMC: Your Qualified, Trusted Advisor For The Road Ahead.
As part of CMC’s personal financial planning program, your team at CMC will be with you as your qualified, trusted advisor along the road to help you navigate the upcoming twists and turns – for example, we can track your basis and help you minimize  capital gains tax, if possible. We want to proactively discuss your future financial circumstances today, which will make the transition easier tomorrow.