Tax Planning and Preparation

At CMC, we’ve been offering personal tax planning and income tax preparation as highly trained accountants with a collective experience of over 125 years. After all, the complexity of today’s tax system coupled with frequent changes by the U.S. Congress and the courts require constant attention.

You can trust that CMC has expertise in the complex areas of the tax code to:

  • Provide you with quality information you can rely upon, year after year.
  • Create the least amount of stress possible for personal tax planning.
  • Lower any possible anxiety regarding capital gains tax, changing income tax brackets, different rules for federal tax and state tax, alternative minimum tax and more.


We Provide Proactive Personal Tax Planning As A Key Component.
For our clients, we highly recommend ongoing planning to help them deal with unusual events throughout the year, such as a sale or purchase of an asset that gives rise to capital gains tax and may change their income tax brackets from one year to the next. That’s why we always embrace a “No Surprises” philosophy. This means that when we prepare your returns, you won’t be surprised by the results because we’ll be in contact throughout the year to proactively assist you with your personal tax planning.

We Offer A Worry-Free Secure Personal Portal.
Another key component to successful personal tax planning is proactive and constant communication with our clients. In fact, we will provide you with access to a secure personal portal so that you can conveniently store and exchange highly sensitive documents with our team. Additionally, we will send you bi-monthly newsletters (electronic or paper) along with reminders of upcoming tax due dates to help keep you on track with your deadlines.

We Work With A Wide Variety of Clients.
Our team has the skills to help you with all of your individual, trust and estate tax needs. We are proud to work with a diverse group of clients from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. Many are retired and managing a steady financial portfolio; some are entrepreneurs just starting to build their personal balance sheet. However, almost all of our clients have real estate in common – whether it’s owning their home, investing in property or exchanging property to shelter income from capital gains tax. We can help you understand the financial and tax ramifications of owning, investing, holding and selling real estate during your personal tax planning meetings each year.