At CMC our vision is to be the key relationship that ensures you go from having a dream to living your dream. We each have our own idea of success and a dream – at CMC we work with you to make sure you move towards that dream and actually achieve it. For example, you may want to transfer family wealth to the next generation, run a highly successful business or save for retirement or a trip around the world. We will be your trusted advisor along the way. We do this with a clear focus on our mission and core values – they are evident in everything we do.


We are in the relationship business and build strong lasting relationships with our clients by

  • Delivering exemplary service and technical mastery that ensures our clients feel cared for and appreciated.
  • Being the sought after place to work because we embrace diversity, empower individuals and celebrate their success while providing challenging work and respect for a balanced life.
  • Creating a sustainable business model with defined processes, innovative techniques and flexibility to change.


Core Values

Our day to day activities are rooted in our core values. They address how we work as a team with our clients, their other trusted advisors and our team members.

  • Leadership:  Through our shared vision we will build communities, empower people, remove obstacles and create opportunities.
  • Continuous Improvement:  Lifelong learning focused on current and future opportunities.
  • Communication:  We speak your language in your medium.
  • Creativity:  By thinking like an artist and a scientist we add value to every relationship.